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What is the ACE Team?

The ACE (Arts, Culture, Environment) Team is a group of 13 local young people aged 12 to 24 who worked with MidCoast Council to co-create workshops and events for young people in the region.

The workshops had an arts, culture, or environment focus and were open to 12 to 24 year-olds. They ran from 2022 - 2023.

The project was funded by Youth Opportunities Funding, administered by the Department Communities and Justice.

Get to know the ACE Team!

Find out what the ACE Team love about living in the MidCoast and what they enjoyed about being part of the ACE Team.


14 years old

"The ACE Team is an opportunity to have a voice and provide youth activities in the community that entertain, inform and educate."


15 years old

"I love the scenery that is on display, for example Aboriginal Art all over Taree."


17 years old

"It means I have an opportunity as a young adult to better my community and bring together other young adults to learn and make connections."


14 years old

"I love the variety of natural landscapes throughout the area, and how we are located in such a wonderful place with many opportunities."


13 years old

"I love how connected our area is while the MidCoast Council area being one of the biggest areas at roughly 10,000km2."


12 years old

"ACE team means I get the opportunity to have a voice and gain experience in planning events with other young people."


13 years old

"I love the Aboriginal culture our little town has and how culturally diverse it is."


13 years old

"The ACE team for me is a great way to organise events for young people all over the mid-coast."


13 years old

"I love our environment and inclusive community. ACE is an opportunity to make a difference in my area and help other young people to do the same."


12 years old

"ACE allows young people to have a voice and a say about what happens in their community and to connect with others who share the same passions."


12 years old

"I love how connected the community is and how unique the area is. ACE is an opportunity to voice my opinions in a supportive group of young people."


From July to September 2022, we put the call out for young people to join the ACE Team.

A panel consisting of members from MidCoast Council, PCYC Taree and Taree Universities Campus selected the candidates.

The candidates gained experience in event organisation (great for careers in marketing/PR/communication, the arts/culture/science and many other fields) and received an official reference from MidCoast Council to put on their resume for their next job application.

Our official partners

Manning Regional Art Gallery, PCYC, Taree Universities Campus, Mid North Coast Community College.

Manning Regional Art Gallery, PCYC, Taree Universities Campus, Mid North Coast Community College.

Who's listening?

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and live, the Gathang-speaking people and pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who now reside in the MidCoast Council area. We extend our respect to elders past and present, and to all future cultural-knowledge holders.

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