The planning phase for a major project to reconstruct the Cedar Party Creek Bridge at Wingham’s town entrance is being extended to ensure key elements are addressed.

The project is funded by a $19.5 million grant from the NSW Government’s “Fixing Country Bridges” program, and will replace the aged existing bridge.

The new bridge will be elevated to meet or exceed the 100-year flood level, raising it to close to the level of the Wynter and Combined Streets intersection.

What’s happening now

The planning phase includes developing detailed designs and calling for tenders for the construction of the bridge. The design phase is now expected to be complete by mid-2023, and tenders for construction will then be called.

Construction should begin in September 2023 and finish in late 2024.

We are also working to acquire land parcels on either side of Wingham Road, adjoining Cedar Party Creek. These areas will be required for access, construction activities and to provide space for a traffic bypass during construction.

This process will also involve the purchase of the land that is known as “Chrissy Gollan Park”, which has been in private ownership with an agreement for community use.

We’re working with the Wingham Advancement Group to manage future plans for Chrissy Gollan Park. We will be talking to the community during the bridge construction phase to restore the park.

What's next?

When construction starts in September 2023, a temporary bypass will be in place across Cedar Party Creek and up beside the Wingham Pool. The bypass will be suitable for all traffic and could close during a flood event.

Chrissy Gollan Park will be closed. Some of the existing facilities within the park will be removed during construction and either replaced or renewed afterwards.

We will consult with the community on the restoration of the park. When construction is completed in late 2024, the park amenities will be restored, expected to be in early 2025 - with new plantings and town entry signage.

Location of the project

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