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We are committed to ensuring that children feel safe at all times when in our facilities and accessing our services.

So much so, that back in 2018 we commenced development of an action plan to achieve that objective.

Our Draft Child Safe Action Plan outlines actions Council will take to ensure its meets the 10 standards which form the basis of new legislation as part of the NSW Child-Safe Scheme.

The Draft Plan relates to Council facilities and programs, and does not extend to areas outside Council’s influence, like schools, churches or other organisations or activities.

View the Draft Child Safe Action Plan below

You can read the Draft Child Safe Action plan below.

To view the Draft Child Safe Action Plan document in full-screen in the interactive PDF viewer above, select the bracket icon at the bottom-right side the toolbar to enable full-screen.

If you are having trouble viewing the document in the interactive PDF viewer, you may also download the full Draft Child Action Plan in the Document library on this page.

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The opportunity for feedback is now closed. Thank you to all those who commented on our draft plan. Your feedback is important and will now be considered as we move towards finalising the plan.

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