Hey MidCoast – it’s time to help us develop a new Disability Inclusion Action Plan!

The development of the next version of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan will support our commitment to creating more inclusive communities.

Preliminary consultation is now underway with the first Disability Inclusion Action Plan surveys now live.

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan helps us to identify the barriers and challenges faced by those in our community who are living with a disability, as well as their carers (paid or unpaid), friends and family.

This plan will guide our activities for the next four years as we seek funding and support to make improvements in the areas identified by our community members with lived experiences.

It’s important for us to ensure that everybody has the same opportunities to participate in life and this survey will help us to understand the relationship between the way people function and how they participate in society.

We're urging anyone with a disability to complete the appropriate survey, while friends, families, carers, service providers and the general community have an opportunity to share their thoughts in a separate survey.

We want it to be a true reflection of what our community needs and we can’t do that without real feedback.

Choose your survey

It's important that the appropriate survey for your individual circumstances is completed.

Click on the appropriate survey below.

If you would prefer a hard copy version of the surveys below or would like to complete the survey over the phone, please contact Calypso Watson, Community Development Officer either by email calypso.watson@midcoast.nsw.gov.au or by phone 02 7955 7733.


Why does the plan need updating?

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan was adopted by MidCoast Council in June 2017, after extensive community consultation.

The DIAP is a four-year plan that provides strategies to improve accessibility and inclusiveness for everyone in our community. In 2008 the Australian Government committed to implementing the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities "to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity".

As a means to fulfil this commitment, the NSW Government introduced the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 (NSW). This Act required all NSW councils to have a Disability Inclusion Action Plan in place by June 2017 and it's now time for updating!

Know someone who isn’t online?

You don’t need to be online to share your thoughts and complete the survey. Hard copies are available.

Contact Calypso Watson, Community Development Officer on 02 7955 7733 to find out more.