Planning Agreement - Lots 10, 19 and 40 DP 270100, Myall Quays Boulevard Tea Gardens NSW 2324

At the 23 February 2022 meeting of Council, it was resolved to enter into a planning agreement with Sheargold Property Developments Pty Ltd to secure conservation measures in connection with a proposed community title subdivision known as Parry’s Cove in the northern part of Tea Gardens.

The Parry’s Cove development includes 691 residential lots, community facilities, a future commercial lot and a large conservation lot.

The development is proposed to be delivered in 16 stages and has been approved by the Hunter Central Coast Joint Regional Planning Panel.

As part of this approval the Sheargold offered to enter into a planning agreement to conserve 114.2 hectares of high-quality biodiversity land. This includes dedication of the land to Council.

When the agreement was placed on public exhibition last year with four submissions (two for, two against) were received.

In summary, the Planning Agreement requires the developer and the landowners to:

  • Register a biodiversity stewardship agreement under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 over part of the land before the issue of a subdivision certificate for Stage 1 of the Development.
  • Dedicate Conservation Land to Council before the issue of a subdivision certificate for Stage 1 of the development and before the clearing of vegetation in later stages of the development.
  • Retire biodiversity credits for several ecosystems and species over the course of the development.

It should be noted the development application for Parry’s Cove is being assessed by the Hunter – Central Coast Regional Planning Panel – not MidCoast Council.

For information on the decision refer to the report at the 23 February 2021 meeting.