There are a number of key documents that guide how we deliver services to our community. Our Community Strategic Plan is the peak document that captures our community’s aspirations and guides the delivery of Council services and projects.

This is the story of how we reviewed and redeveloped the plan.

The MidCoast Community Strategic Plan 2030 – Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility was developed in 2018, after extensive consultation with MidCoast locals right across our region.

In 2021-22, we asked for your feedback on the plan, which we reviewed and redeveloped into the MidCoast Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032.

The MidCoast Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032, which was adopted by Council on 29 June 2022, can be seen below.

Check out the new Community Strategic Plan

The MidCoast Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032 was adopted by Council on 29 June 2022.

What is the Community Strategic Plan?

In 2018, MidCoast community developed MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility - our very own community strategic plan with 5 important priorities:

  • our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities
  • a connected community
  • our environment
  • our thriving and growing economy
  • strong leadership and shared vision.

The community also identified important actions to achieve these priorities.

The Community Strategic Plan:

  • is a whole of community plan. Council’s role is to bring together community stakeholders to build and achieve a sustainable plan for the future of our community
  • outlines where our community wants to be in 2030, how we will get there, who will be involved and how we will know we have arrived at our community’s vision
  • aims to celebrate what we love about MidCoast, enhance what could be made even better, and create new opportunities that work towards our long-term vision.

View the MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility below

Please note, this document was reviewed with our community during 2021-22, to develop the MidCoast 2022-2032 Community Strategic Plan found at the top of this page.

To view the MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility document in full-screen in the interactive PDF viewer above, select the bracket icon at the bottom-right side the toolbar to enable full-screen.

If you are having trouble viewing the document in the interactive PDF viewer, you may also download the full MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility in the Document library on this page.

Why did the plan need updating?

The Community Strategic Plan 2030 is our focus for the future – but over time things can change, and new priorities can emerge.

We know that since the community developed the plan in 2018 we’ve experienced a range of events that have impacted us, from an unprecedented drought, to bushfires, pandemic and then floods.

We asked you in 2021-22:

  • Does the community vision for 2030 still resonate with you?
  • What has changed since 2018?
  • Do we need to pivot or adjust the actions and strategies in our plan to achieve our vision for 2030?

Think of it as ‘tweaking’ the long term plan to respond to changes that we’ve seen on the MidCoast!

How you had your say

We provided a variety of options to the community about ways that they could share what matters to them.

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