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Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.


Gloucester you’re nearly there! It’s time to add the final touches to your local community plan, which outlines your 10 year vision for your community, and identifies actions by which you will achieve your vision.

This month, you’ll need to review your draft plan, identify any additional actions where gaps in community need exist, and prioritise each action in the plan.

While Council is a supporting partner in developing the plan, we are not the lead on this plan – it’s your own plan, Gloucester.

Work on this plan started back in late 2019 with a think tank session involving representatives from all sections of the Gloucester community.

This think tank looked at what people loved about Gloucester and what they wanted to see for the future.

Since then, a dedicated group of community members have been working to bring together a document that outlines what is important to Gloucester’s future, based on the think tank data, Council’s Community Conversations feedback and reviewing a number of previous plans and suggestions.

What is a local community plan?

  • Local community planning is an opportunity for people within a community to come together, have a conversation about what they want for the future and develop a plan for how they will get there.

    In developing a local plan the community works together to identify their own long term objectives to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of their community.

  • Local Community Plans are owned by the communities. Council’s role is to provide advice and support to ensure they are as effective as possible.

    The vision, focus areas and objectives outlined by communities in their community plans will provide important insight for Council to ensure what we deliver to our communities aligns with their identified needs and desires.

    Actions identified within these plans can be community led or joint initiatives with other stakeholders.

  • The local community plans are intended to complement Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, as well as other local and regional plans.

Check out the Gloucester Local Community Plan below

To view the Gloucester Local Community Plan document in full-screen in the interactive PDF viewer above, select the bracket icon at the bottom-right side the toolbar to enable full-screen.

If you are having trouble viewing the document in the interactive PDF viewer, you may also download the full Gloucester Local Community Plan in the Document library on this page.

How to have your say

The opportunity to have your say has now concluded as of 4:30pm Tuesday 14 September 2021.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the consultation period, the community reference group will now review the comments and data.

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List of key priorities in Gloucester

Now the Gloucester steering committee is asking all residents to review the draft plan, decide which actions are the most important to focus on first, and let us know if anything else should be included in the final plan.

There’s a range of inspiring actions in the plan, which aim to work towards Gloucester’s vision for its future in the areas of infrastructure, community, environment and economy.

Below is the list of priorities for each area that is important to Gloucester's community.


  • Retain existing mental health services and lobby for additional services where gaps are identified
  • Attract and maintain services to support those in the community impacted by alcohol and other drugs, domestic violence and homelessness
  • Lobby for provision of local midwifery services
  • Retain suicide prevention services
  • Maintain medical facilities and services adequate to community need
  • Retain and attract medical professionals and specialists adequate to community need
  • New public facilities are accessible and inclusive for all members of the community
  • Prioritisation of improvements to access and usability of existing public facilities for people with disabilities and families, where upgrades are available
  • Provision of a parents room in the CBD
  • Extend and connect cycleways and pathways within the CBD and to neighbouring villages, such as cycleway to Barrington
  • Continue to develop mountain bike and bushwalking trails within Barrington tops and surrounding areas
  • Encourage local businesses to provide dog friendly facilities in outdoor dining areas Provide additional dog friendly spaces within central locations
  • Encourage investment in affordable housing to meet the needs of the population
  • Lobby for the establishment of accessible aged care facilities that support residents to stay in Gloucester
  • Lobby for the establishment of social housing in Gloucester
  • Lobby State Member of Parliament for continued provision of connectivity to regional centres and cities via rail and buses
  • Lobby for the establishment of a taxi or ride sharing service
  • Lobby State and Federal Members for improved mobile phone coverage across Gloucester and surrounds
  • Investigate interest and support for a cultural arts centre
  • Billabong Park: improve existing facilities to meet community uses including fixing pedestrian bridge, improved lighting and additional toilet facilities
  • Encourage beautification of Billabong Park through community projects such as fruit tree planting, edible gardens and public art/sculpture
  • Continue use of the park for markets, festivals and community events
  • Expand and improve existing skate park
  • Expand children’s playground to include a toddler play area, water play areas
  • Gloucester Park: develop a plan of management to enhance the sporting and recreational opportunities for Gloucester; Improve pool facilities, including more shade, lighting, review entry times and fees


  • Maintain healthy waterways through implementation of initiatives from Council’s Catchment Management Plan
  • Build community resilience to flood and fire emergencies, through participation in the development of Council’s Resilience Strategy
  • Continue to support weed management initiatives
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment and urban tree canopy through vegetation management controls including tree preservation orders
  • Support a coordinated approach for the use of river water in time of drought between town and agricultural uses
  • Support the investigation and planning for off-stream storage for the town water supply
  • Investigate opportunities to secure ongoing water supplies for the agricultural community
  • Support community and businesses to become more water efficient through education and resilience programs
  • Encouraging and supporting local businesses and community members to use sustainable technology
  • Advocating for the establishment of Gloucester as a plastic free town
  • Encourage residents and local businesses to utilise renewable energy
  • Support the implementation of Council waste minimisation and recycling programs


  • Actively promote Gloucester as an attractive business investment and relocation destination
  • Actively promote Gloucester as an optimal location for light industry
  • Develop strong relationships between businesses, education and government agencies through networking and participation in collaborative opportunities
  • Develop programs to identify and enhance workforce skills
  • Increase utilisation of the Gloucester saleyards, by improving existing facilities and increasing promotion across MidCoast
  • Continue to investigate the relocation of the Visitors Information Centre
  • Provide formalised RV parking and directional signage in CBD
  • Develop resources for additional tourist-based activities such as walks
  • Increase the availability and standard of caravan park facilities
  • Improve tourist signage to welcome and direct visitors to Gloucester
  • Develop a beautification program for the Gloucester Main Street, including provision of more shade trees
  • Embracing vibrant spaces opportunities for the main street, such as establishment of a Civic heart
  • Installation of water refill stations in CBD
  • Increase vibrancy and visitations to the CBD through the development of a program of events
  • Provision of shade for car parking areas
  • Promote local landmarks and history through the placement of plaques
  • Upgrade stormwater drainage in Gloucester’s CBD


  • Encourage and facilitate projects that acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal history, culture and reconciliation
  • Acknowledge Gathang language within the town, such as acknowledgment signage
  • Promote Aboriginal history within wider community to improve understanding
  • Establish a central youth hub to provide education opportunities, support services for the vulnerable and a safe socialisation space
  • Work with educational facilities to increase opportunities for young people to further their education within the Gloucester community
  • Support and develop local events and entertainment opportunities for youth
  • Support and develop recreational activities for youth
  • Support and develop transport solutions for youth to access activities and educational opportunities
  • Support existing not for profit community groups to deliver important community services and social connection
  • Encourage activity and participation in the arts and cultural activities
  • Foster and support active community relationships and social activities

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