During 2019-21 the Gloucester community worked together to develop a local community plan.

The plan outlines a 10 year vision for the community and identify actions, partners and priorities to achieve this vision.

It aims to bring together the vision the community of Gloucester and surrounds has for its area and will be used to encourage support and funding from all levels of government as well as to foster a sense of common purpose within the community.

This plan was developed by the local community, with support from MidCoast Council through a series of facilitated and information activities.

Through surveys, workshops and feedback sessions the community got together to identify what is important for the future and to plan how they will go about achieving their goals and aspirations.

It recognises the importance of Gloucester as a hub for its outlying areas, with smaller communities relying on Gloucester for services, amenities, community, sporting and cultural opportunities.

Through this process key themes of environment, economy, community and infrastructure were identified around which aspirations and objectives could be aligned.

Work on this plan started back in late 2019 with a think tank session involving representatives from all sections of the Gloucester community.

This think tank looked at what people loved about Gloucester and what they wanted to see for the future.

Following that a dedicated group of community members worked to bring together a document that outlines what is important to Gloucester’s future, based on the think tank data, Council’s Community Conversations feedback and reviewing a number of previous plans and suggestions.

What is a local community plan?

  • Local community planning is an opportunity for people within a community to come together, have a conversation about what they want for the future and develop a plan for how they will get there.

    In developing a local plan the community works together to identify their own long term objectives to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of their community.

  • Local Community Plans are owned by the communities. Council’s role is to provide advice and support to ensure they are as effective as possible.

    The vision, focus areas and objectives outlined by communities in their community plans will provide important insight for Council to ensure what we deliver to our communities aligns with their identified needs and desires.

    Actions identified within these plans can be community led or joint initiatives with other stakeholders.

  • The local community plans are intended to complement Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, as well as other local and regional plans.

Check out the Gloucester Local Community Plan below

To view the Gloucester Local Community Plan document in full-screen in the interactive PDF viewer above, select the bracket icon at the bottom-right side the toolbar to enable full-screen.

If you are having trouble viewing the document in the interactive PDF viewer, you may also download the full Gloucester Local Community Plan in the Document library on this page.

Community feedback

The Gloucester community had an opportunity to provide feedback on the Local Community Plan during August 2021. Thank you to all those who provided submissions.

Consultation has concluded and the Gloucester Local Community Plan was noted by the elected Council in November 2021.

A report on the feedback provided by the community during this time can be found in the Document library on this page.

Revising the plan

From the feedback received during the community consultation period, a number of minor changes and additions to the plan were recommended to the steering committee. The changes to the text of the plan included grammatical corrections, rewording and the below:

  • Pages 4 and 10 – addition of paragraph recognising the importance of Gloucester as a hub for outlying areas
  • Page 8 – rewording of coal seam gas proposal outcome
  • Page 13 – acknowledgement that access to affordable and diverse housing choices is an issue and rental availability is low
  • Page 15 – inclusion of details regarding the services provided by Gloucester Hospital
  • Page 16 – inclusion of information about the sporting opportunities for the community
  • Page 19 – additional information about the role of a community plan

These additions to the priorities, outlined below, were discussed with steering group members and now form part of the plan put forward.

  • Page 22 – inclusion of ‘retain existing hospital and community health services’
  • Page 25 – support the establishment of transport services to link social housing with services and the central business district
  • Page 28 – support community renewable energy programs to provide clean renewable energy for residents and businesses
  • Page 28 – support opportunities for vehicle charging stations and solar shaded car parking
  • Page 29 – lobby for upgrades to infrastructure in the Gloucester industrial area
  • Page 30 – development of new attractions and opportunities for tourists
  • Page 30 – increase opportunities for RV camping
  • Page 32 – support opportunities for community strengthening activities
  • Page 32 – support the continued operation of community halls as important spaces for the community to connect

The community priorities were also indicated through asterisk notations.