Improving beach access

Locals and visitors alike flock to our 190 kilometres of stunning coastline environment and it’s an important part of the MidCoast region’s character.

From Crowdy Head in the north to Tea Gardens in the south, our 2021 beach access improvement program has ensured we can all enjoy our beautiful coastline while we protect its important environmental values.

Some of the many works undertaken have included closing off illegal access, installing regulatory signage, formalising access, constructing exclusion fencing, tree pruning, grading surfaces and sand scraping and replenishment.

The works below are completed with funds raised from 4WD beach driving permits while larger projects to improve our surf lifesaving clubs and improve amenities and infrastructure are generally funded through Council and NSW Government assistance.

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Coming soon

  • Manning Point / Old Bar

    We are awaiting permit and environmental approvals before work commences on an extensive project to replenish sand on the beach. These works aim to protect infrastructure and prevent further erosion, and are jointly funded through beach permits revenue and separate grant funding.

  • Kylies Beach, Crowdy Bay National Park

    Works to install a new 4wd beach access kicked off on Monday 5 December 2022, following the failure of the old track during the March 2021 floods. We will co-fund the new access together with the National Parks and Wildlife Service in a new location to reduce the potential for further erosion. These works are expected to be completed and open to the public by Friday 16 December.

  • Several locations

    Continuation of new 4wd Access and Environmental Protection Signage

    We will be continuing the roll-out of new 4wd access signs at Cellito, Hawk Nest, Crowdy Head, Tuncurry and Blackhead beaches.

  • Diamond Beach Main Access

    Work on the viewing platform is underway and should be completed in March 2023.

  • Hawks Nest Surf Club foreshore

    Following the completion of the new surf club, we’ll be undertaking works to improve pathways, beach fencing and shower amenities.

Recently completed

  • Wallabi Point

    The car park has been sealed with line marking and bollards put in place. The viewing platform and stair access has been repaired, and new picnic tables, pathways and landscaping will be installed to complete the job.

  • Crowdy Head

    Works to install a new surf club access ramp, foreshore landscaping and picnic tables are now complete.

  • Manning Point and Old Bar Beaches

    New 4WD beach signage has been installed, providing new interpretive/regulatory information to ensure safety and environmental protection.

  • Black Head – Pebbly Beach access

    Failed sections of track and boardwalk have been replaced, drainage improvements have been undertaken and bollards installed.

  • Diamond Beach main access

    Recent improvements included:

    • Car park spaces are now clearly marked and include a disabled parking spot.
    • A concrete path will help beachgoers with a disability get on and off the beach more easily, and will also make leaving the beach in an emergency safer for all.
    • Adding to the convenience is a new shower block and picnic table, providing a welcome after-swim rest stop.
  • One Mile Beach

    Major maintenance on the suspended footbridge along the beach reserve walking trail will take place this year.

  • Smiths Lake - Celito

    Works to maintain the existing boardwalk with replacement of badly damaged sections have been completed.

Projects scheduled 2023-24

  • Pacific Palms – Boomerang Beach

    The viewing platform will be replaced and improvements made to the beach access. A review of existing amenities will also be undertaken.

  • Pacific Palms, Blueys Beach

    Works will include replacing the old timber stair access with a wider ramp and viewing platform, moving the shower from the carpark into a new position, providing new seating, and formalising the carpark.

  • Old Bar viewing platform

    The existing platform will be replaced.

  • Seal Rocks Number One Beach Reserve

    Aboriginal Heritage investigations are ongoing. Once relevant permits are received, works will proceed and will include formalising access to the reserve, picnic tables and shelters, a new shower area, and beach access ramp.

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6 October, 2022

HNTGPA says:

Bennetts Beach - Hawks Nest - New toilets & change blocks - please complete the landscaping and make accessible and safe & add showers

13 August, 2022

Loz Par says:

One Mile - Forster The boardwalk is so special yet it does not go the entire way along the beach and the south end is neglected.

12 August, 2022

Karen says:

Forster Beach. I love the "Bullring", so I can safely swim.

12 August, 2022

Pigeoto says:

Expansion of the swimming area at Crowdy beach, and relocation of the on-beach vehicle access would increase safety for those on foot.

10 August, 2022

Janr says:

What about toilets at Wallabi? Desperately needed or what are people supposed to do? For young through to the elderly and tourists

11 May, 2022

Rosemary says:

Mainly old bar, as we live on the beach front and was over the 100 year line, but now you have moved that line. Please help save the homes.

2 May, 2022

CitizenY says:

Blueys Beach has way too many dogs off lead running around all times of the day. The sign is too confusing. Dog owners don't read it.

7 April, 2022

Kerry B says:

Cellito Beach Boardwalk falling spart Mud puddle at carport entrance Timber steps to Beach collapsed Carpark mess Road mess

25 March, 2022

Sandwalker says:

Bennetts Beach is one of the most picturesque 4WD racetracks in Australia. There's got to be a better way to keep every user safe.

24 March, 2022

Beautiful beaches says:

Main beach looks very scruffy and barren. It is all concrete. It needs a total revamp. More gardens and a more modern beachside look.

23 March, 2022

Mel says:

Old Bar, because I live within walking distance of this gorgeous but dramatic beach front. The destructive erosion is heartbreaking to see.

23 March, 2022

hopeful says:

My idea is to take 4wds of any beach that has Little Terns, turtles, Pied Oyster catches etc. This is because there are too many yahoos.