Rural areas of the MidCoast are prosperous and resilient, reflecting the diversity of the landscape and the welcoming character of the people who live and work here.

Rural areas across the MidCoast make up 95% of the total geographic area, making them a defining feature of the region.

The Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy is the final body of work to be undertaken before we start developing a new, contemporary set of planning controls for the MidCoast - including a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and a Development Control Plan (DCP) - that will cater for our community now and into the future... while ensuring we maintain the unique character of our existing towns, villages and rural areas.

The Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy provides a consolidated platform for considering how land and water resources outside our towns and villages are expected to be used and developed in the coming decades. It also establishes a program of actions Council and other stakeholders can take to facilitate the sustainable use of the region’s assets.

  • Please note:

    We have provided an extended 12 week consultation period to give everyone time to review the information and provide feedback by 19 November 2021.

    Our land use planning team is available for personalised assistance (scroll below) throughout the consultation period and will continue to review our community engagement approach in response to changing public health orders.

Key terms

Below are some key terms that we use in our Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy.

  • Local Environmental Plan – this Plan is an important roadmap for the future of our region, providing the rules for future development. It dictates the zones we use and specifies what you can and cannot do on your land.
  • Development Control Plan – this Plan specifies how you can develop your land, drilling down into more detail, providing guidance on local controls for future development like parking, landscaping, and environmental considerations.

View the Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy - Overview below

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If you are having trouble viewing the document in the interactive PDF viewer, you may also download the full Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy - Overview in the Document library on this page.

You can also view the full Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy document in the Document library.

Read the Paper Subdivisions Analysis Report here

Rural Zoning In online mapping tool

Click on the image below to head to the online Rural Zoning In mapping tool.

Once the Rural Zoning In mapping tool is open, enter your address in the top right search bar on the landing page to find out information about your property.

You can also find out further instructions in the user guide, located at the bottom of the Rural Zoning In mapping tool landing page.

Zones in focus

Zones in focus in the Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy

The Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy will predominantly focus on land to which the following zonings do, or should, apply:

  • RU1 – Primary Production
  • RU2 – Rural Landscape
  • RU3 – Forestry
  • RU4 – Primary Production Small Lots
  • RU5 – Village
  • E1 – National Parks and Nature Reserves
  • E2 – Environmental Conservation
  • E3 – Environmental Management
  • E4 – Environmental Living
  • W1 – Natural Waterways
  • W2 – Recreational Waterways
  • W3 – Working Waterways

Other planning controls that are being considered as part of the Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy include:

  • Minimum lot size standards for subdivision in rural areas; and
  • Local provisions and environmental overlays to assist with the protection of, for example, drinking water catchments and steep land
  • Non-urban land/paper subdivisions

Find out more

To understand how the proposed changes in the Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy impact your individual situation, our Land Use Planning Team are on hand to assist you:

  • email your questions, including your property address and contact details, to rural@midcoast.nsw.gov.au
  • speak with a member of our team by calling 7955 7777 (business hours) – depending on availability, we may arrange a call-back appointment at a time that suits you

Please note: We are committed to responding to your enquiry in a timely manner, however we are currently experiencing high call and email volumes. This may require call-back appointments to be scheduled up to two weeks in advance.

How to have your say

  • Make an online submission using the form below. You will need to sign up as a member of Have Your Say before you can make an online submission.

If you do not want to sign up to Have Your Say to make a submission, you can use the following options below:

  • Emailing us at council@midcoast.nsw.gov.au and quote REF Rural Strategy SPR 02/04
  • Download a Submission Form and lodge it via the details located on the form.
  • By mail, quote REF Rural Strategy SPR 02/04, MidCoast Council, PO Box 482, TAREE NSW 2430.

Please provide full return address and telephone number when making a submission.

Where a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified.

Further information and FAQs

Find out further information about Know Your Rural Zone, including fact sheets and FAQs.

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