We are working on developing new MidCoast planning frameworks – a Local Environment Plan and a Development Control Plan - to provide a clear, consistent, region-wide framework for development.

Once in place, the new plans will guide the way we manage land use across the entire region, catering for the needs of our current communities and helping to shape our future, with a focus on housing, health, employment, recreation and infrastructure zones.

Major elements of developing our new Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plans are our rural and urban strategies.

Our urban zones

We have undertaken extensive work into the urban zones that apply to the towns and villages across the MidCoast.

We have looked at our housing, employment, recreation and infrastructure zones, which apply to where we live, work, shop and play - to develop a clear, consistent, region-wide planning framework for the MidCoast.

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View the MidCoast Housing Strategy below

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If you are having trouble viewing the document in the interactive PDF viewer, you may also download the full MidCoast Housing Strategy in the Document library on this page.

Background information and FAQs

Find out further information about Know Your Urban Zone, including background information about the project, supporting documents and FAQs.

Next steps

Consultation on the Draft MidCoast Rural Strategy is currently underway to build upon the picture of what our rural areas will look like in the future.

Following the finalisation of the Rural Strategy we will start working on a new Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan for the MidCoast, to replace the current three planning frameworks that exist.

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