What are we doing:

We review the plan every four years and each time we want to check in with our community to see what has changed and make sure the plan reflects these changes.

Why are we doing this:

This plan sets out our community’s long-term vision and the outcomes that matter to you. The plan is used by Council, and other agencies to plan for our region’s future.

We review our plan every four years to ensure when our new Councillors come on board after a Local Government election, there is a clear direction from the community on what is important to them.

How is my feedback used?

Your feedback will help shape our future, through this plan that will set our path for 2025-2035. We include priorities from the Community Strategic Plan when we develop actions in annual plans. Some actions are Council’s responsibility to deliver. For other actions, we work with community, State and Federal Government stakeholders to support their delivery of outcomes.

  • Connect another way

    If you prefer not to use our online survey, or know someone who would like to connect offline;

    Call and leave us a voicemail with your submission: 0419 980 566

    In person: at any of our customer service points across the region

See our current community strategic plan

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