The Nabiac Town Creek revival project has provided a fresh update to Nabiac's town centre, including the revival of a 125m section of Town Creek and flood mitigation, a new public picnic area with rubbish bins, and also the installation of two shade sails in Memorial Park playground so it can be enjoyed by the community at any time of the day.

What was done?

The project extends from private property north of Clarkson Street, through to the triangular section at the corner of Clarkson and Nabiac Streets.

Works included:

  • clearing of creek bed, removing invasive vegetation, and replanting banks with native species
  • rehabilitation of the public area on the southern side of Clarkson Street
  • installation of picnic tables and litterbins to create an exciting new picnic area
  • shade sails were installed over the Memorial Park playground.
    If you would like further specific information about the project, check out the FAQs section on this page.

  • Photos of the completed project

    Location of Nabiac Town Creek revival project

    Whilst the majority of the Nabiac Town Creek revival project will be on private land (with the permission of land owners), the triangular section between Clarkson and Nabiac Street was built up and levelled to create an open space that can be enjoyed by the community and visitors, complete with picnic tables and public waste bins.

    The project also included the installation of two shade sails at Memorial Park, which is located opposite the triangular section.

    Map legend:

    Green icon - Nabiac Town Creek revival location

    Orange icon - Shade sails installation at Memorial Park

    Community acknowledgement

    These works are funded through the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure grants program.

    The Town Creek Revival project has been developed in conjunction with Nabiac Village Futures Group, and the work of the Neighbourhood Centre and Op-Shop volunteers who have provided funding for the new picnic tables.


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    The technical components of the Town Creek revival will include:

    • flood mitigation as the area is prone to flood risk
    • clearing of the creek bed and removal of invasive weeds
    • creek bank stabilisation
    • construction of a low flow channel with rock lining, to provide a continuous, stable waterflow during dry periods
    • replanting the banks of the creek using native species
    • installation of a sediment trap to protect water quality
    • building up and levelling the triangular section at the corner of Clarkson and Nabiac Streets to create a new open space for the community to use and enjoy
    • replacing handrail on the northern side of the bridge on Clarkson Street
    • installing sandstone blocks to delineate the road from park near footbridge
    • installation of two shades sails in adjacent Memorial Park – one to cover the swing set and the other to cover the playground equipment
    • the project site office will be located at the end of Ferris Place
    • the project general waste location will be temporarily established on the corner of Wallanbah and Candoormakh Creek Roads, but will be removed once vegetation has completely dried out

    If you live or work in the Nabiac town area, the following details below may impact you:

    • work will take place 7am – 6pm weekdays, and 8am – 1pm Saturdays (no work on Sundays or public holidays)
    • heavy equipment and crews will be moving in and around the area of works, including between the worksite and the waste stockpile
    • some minor traffic control may be required at times, but road and driveway access will be maintained
    • work commences on private land with permission from landowners, and permission from nearby businesses for access; our contractor will continue to liaise with businesses regarding access to minimise disruption
    • this project has beem fully funded through the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Grant Program
    • the picnic tables that will be located in the new open space have been funded by Nabiac Villages Futures Group, who we have worked with throughout the project to deliver this exciting project to the Nabiac community and vistiors
    • the planning process for the project has confirmed that there is no concerns of any negative impacts of Aboriginal significance in any of the project locations