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The Outdoor Sports Court Strategy outlines the future direction of MidCoast Council's 143 different sports courts for the next 12 years.

The Outdoor Sports Court Strategy highlights that sports courts are provided for several different sports, including tennis, croquet, netball, basketball, and pickleball. The projects in the strategy will be largely funded by future grants.

future plans for the region

  • Multi-purpose courts

    The strategy recommends the creation of 21 multi-purpose courts, through construction or conversion of unused courts.

  • Funding

    The projects in this strategy will largely be funded by future grants.

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Exhibition period

The draft strategy was on public exhibition for community feedback from Friday 27 October until Sunday 3 December 2023, where we received 41 formal submissions.

The feedback received from the community was considered and some changes were made to the draft document.

The strategy was then adopted by the elected Council at the 7 February 2024 Ordinary Meeting.


Feedback from submissions was mainly objecting to the tennis courts in small rural communities as listed to be removed.

Other submission themes included requests to build new single-use courts in specific locations, disagreements with the evaluation of court conditions and questions about the draft strategy.

Changes in response to submissions

Based on the feedback received the folowing actions have been updated;

    • Investigate upgrading five rural tennis courts at Bunyah, Killabakh, Kimbriki, Marlee and Wherrol Flat at end of life, instead of them being immediately removed. This will give the community the chance to apply for grants to maintain the facility.
    • A new half court at Palmgrove Reserve in One Mile Beach has been added as an action.
    • An action was added to investigate the need for new netball courts at Nabiac if the conversion to the tennis courts doesn’t meet needs.
    • A change to the action wording noting that the existing court surface at Black Head is to be replaced at the end of its life (approximately 12 years) and that a new multi-purpose court is to be constructed as a short-term priority.
    • An action has been changed to provide the Wrigley Park courts as a standalone facility.


    • Timeline item 1 - complete

      May - November 2022

      We asked the community to tell us how they use outdoor spaces in the MidCoast to develop the draft Open Space and Recreation Strategy

    • Timeline item 2 - complete

      November 2022 - April 2023

      The draft strategy was written considering all feedback and information. Feedback highlighted the importance of outdoor courts to the community

    • Timeline item 3 - complete

      July 2023

      The Open Space and Recreation Strategy was adopted by Council

    • Timeline item 4 - complete

      July - October 2023

      The draft Outdoor Sports Court Strategy is developed.

    • Timeline item 5 - complete

      27 October – 1 December 2023

      The draft Outdoor Sports Court Strategy on public exhibition for community comment

    • Timeline item 6 - complete

      December 2023

      Feedback will be considered before being presented to Council for final endorsement

    • Timeline item 7 - complete

      7 February 2024

      Endorsed by Council

    Sports lighting plan

    We have several strategies that make up our Open Space and Recreation strategy.

    We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and live, the Gathang-speaking people and pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who now reside in the MidCoast Council area. We extend our respect to elders past and present, and to all future cultural-knowledge holders.

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