In 2017 – 2018, our community helped us to develop a Masterplan to guide future development of Forster’s Main Beach precinct, an iconic and important location for Forster Tuncurry residents and visitors alike.

The Masterplan’s purpose is to allow us to attract funding to upgrade the Forster Main Beach precinct. The Masterplan is intended to represent a 30 year strategy and is a vital tool to obtain funding, liaise with stakeholders, budget and generally plan for the future of the precinct.

View the Forster Main Beach Masterplan below

Why do we love the Forster Main Beach area?

The Beach precinct is one of Forster's most visited tourism sites and is equally important for local people. Sporting events are regularly held here including the club events of the Forster Mud Crabs and Forster Turtles. Forster Surf Club is integral to the Main Beach area, providing lifesaving services and beach facilities for all users. Local cafes and restaurants are popular meeting places on the beachfront and attract large numbers of people to this popular spot.

Main Beach and its headlands are beautiful natural features of Forster's coastline and the area has strong cultural significance, with important Aboriginal and interesting post-European settlement sites.

Although Main Beach retains a certain charm (and sparks many treasured holiday memories for people from all over Australia and beyond), it is now looking a little dated and some facilities are struggling to meet modern needs. In addition, the Surf Club premises and associated Council building has reached the end of its useful life, and needs to be replaced in order to meet the demands of today's users.

The first step towards rejuvenating the Main Beach area was to develop a masterplan that meets community and visitor needs. Together with our community, we’ve produced the Masterplan which you can view here.

The Masterplan aims to improve the whole streetscape and provision of facilities which support the many uses of the area. The Masterplan also considers the connectivity and access between the Main Beach, nearby open space, adjoining business and shopping areas, and other key locations that make up the Forster central district.

What’s next?

We continue to use the Masterplan to seek appropriate grants for the works required to realise our community’s vision. As we are successful, we’ll be updating this project page, so you can keep up to date on the Masterplan’s development.

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