We would like your feedback on our draft key documents

There are a number of key documents that guide how we deliver services to our community.

We would like you to have a look at these and let us know your thoughts.

What are the documents?

Below outlines the four documents that are on exhibition.

Why are these documents important?

These documents guide our services and show what we are doing to make the MidCoast a better place to live, work and visit.

They set out the path we will take to delivering long term improvements, projects and change.

We are asking for the community to have a look at these documents and tell us whether you think we have missed anything or got something wrong.

In doing so, you are helping to shape what we deliver for you.

How can I have a say?

Feedback is welcome until 4:30pm Wednesday 8 June 2022.

  • Make an online submission using the form that is available to access on the pages below for each of the documents on exhibition. You will need to sign up as a member of Have Your Say before you can make an online submission.

If you do not want to sign up to Have Your Say to make a submission, you can use the following options below:

  • Emailing us at council@midcoast.nsw.gov.au and quote the document name (Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan or Resourcing Strategy)
  • Download a Submission Form and lodge it via the details located on the form.
  • By mail and quote the document name as above to MidCoast Council, PO Box 482, TAREE NSW 2430.

Please provide full return address and telephone number when making a submission.

Where a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified.

Submissions are considered to be "open access information" in relation to the Government Information (Public Access) Act. Should you wish to make a submission it will be reproduced in full in a Council business paper and will then be available for inspection at Council's offices and on our website. For these reasons persons making a submission are advised to refrain from including personal and health information about themselves or other people, defamatory statements or abusive language within submissions.

Privacy: This information is required to process your request and will not be used for any other purpose without seeking your consent, or as required by law. Your application will be retained in Council's Records Management System and disposed of in accordance with current legislation. Your personal information can be accessed and corrected at any time by contacting Council.

Have your say on our documents below

Click on the coloured squares below to have your say on our documents on exhibition.

What happens next?

After the exhibition period for the documents all the community feedback will be considered by the elected Council.

Any changes that are required will be made and then final documents adopted at the June meeting of the elected Council.

They then become the blueprint we work through during the 2022-23 financial year.

We report back to the community on our progress against our plans every six months. We also report our financial position to the community each month through our Council meetings.

What are we planning for 2022-23

As well as delivering services such as road maintenance, repairs and upgrades, swimming pools, libraries, sporting fields, parks, gardens and waste, water and sewer services (just to name a few), we also undertake a large number of environmental, cultural and community projects.

Over the coming year we will be developing strategies to establish the future direction for areas such as:
We will also be working on:
To work towards delivering on our commitment to zero net emissions we will be:
We will also be continuing our work on consolidating our: