Rejuvenate an old bicycle

Do you have an old bike sitting in your garage or shed that you no longer use? Give it a new life!

Green Bikes is a community bicycle workshop that rejuvenates and sells unwanted bicycles.

Volunteers reclaim old bikes, keep useable components, and use these to restore bikes that are sold through the Resource Recovery Centre. All bikes for sale are checked to ensure they are fully functional and mechanically roadworthy.

Volunteers provide bicycle repair assistance and tools at their twice-weekly workshops.

green waste bike restoration

Green Bikes operates from the Tuncurry Waste Management Centre, Midge Orchid Road Tuncurry.

Anyone wishing to fix their bike, drop off a used bicycle or volunteer is welcome during operating hours (Monday 9am-12pm and Wednesday 12pm-3pm).

Green Bikes accept donated bikes and spare parts for the purpose of getting more working bikes into the community.

Call Green Waste for more information.