It's time to re-imagine waste!

Every year, tonnes of recyclables are sent to landfill on the MidCoast. This happens because of two key issues:

  • Wrongly sorted waste

    Sometimes recyclables are mistakenly put into the red general waste bin, these are sent directly to landfill.

  • Recycling contamination

    Often, items that can’t be recycled are put into the yellow recycling bin, from leftover food in containers to soft plastics, clothing, and e-waste. These contaminants get muddled up with other recyclables and can lead to the whole batch being rejected and sent to landfill.

Our biggest offenders in recycling

Read below to find out more about how takeaway coffee cups and soft plastics mess up our recycling facilities.

  • Takeaway coffee cups

    Approximately 98% of disposable coffee cups have a plastic lining that can’t be easily separated from the paper, meaning the cups are often rejected as contaminated waste and end up in landfill.

    Be a good sort: Put disposable coffee cups & lids in your red bin. Use a reusable cup for your coffee.

  • Soft plastics

    Soft plastic bags and packaging like cling wrap, pasta packets, bread bags and biscuit trays should never be put in the yellow recycling bin. These items get caught in waste facility machinery causing contamination, damage and disruption to sorting.

    Be a good sort: Put soft plastics in the red bin or take them to your nearest REDcycle collection point at participating Coles and Woolworths stores.

Be a good sort

We can only recycle the below materials at MidCoast Waste Centres. Even if your packaging says recyclable, unless it fits one of the above categories, we can’t recycle it. Put it in your red general waste bin instead.

Diverting waste from landfill starts by knowing what can or can't go into your yellow recycling bin.

Only put these items in your recycling bin:

  • Paper and cardboard

  • Steel and aluminium

  • Rigid plastics

  • Glass bottles and jars

Ever wondered what happens to your recycling?

Groups can request a tour of the Materials Recovery Facility.

Make sure your recyclable items are: Open - Leave the lids on. Empty - Ensure containers are empty. Loose - Keep items unbagged and unboxed.

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