A working party of Wingham residents and relevant stakeholders is finalising the details of the streetscape plan. Agreement has been reached to use a stretcher bond pattern in the footpath, used currently throughout Wingham CBD footpaths. The best existing example of this stretcher bond pattern can be found in front of the Wingham Museum.

Local Aboriginal artists and the Manning Regional Art Gallery are exploring how cultural elements can be incorporated into the works.

Roadworks at the intersection of Bent and Farquhar Streets are expected to start construction in April 2023, weather permitting. Meanwhile, there is lots of work happening behind the scenes.

While we wait for resources to become available, we will continue working with the community to finalise the aesthetic details of the streetscape and develop the detailed design of Isabella Street (Primrose to Wynter Streets). We are involving the working party in decision-making to ensure that this project reflects the needs and desires of the local community.

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Check out our latest concept plans below

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What’s happening now?

March 2023 update

Roadwork: An upgrade to the intersection of Bent Street and Farquhar Street in Wingham begins 27 March.

The works will be completed in three stages, impacting different parts of the intersection, with traffic and pedestrian detours varying throughout works. .

The first stage will involve the southwestern side of the intersection.

Traffic heading north on Bent Street will be directed to turn right onto Farquhar Street. Traffic heading west on Farquhar Street will be directed to turn left onto Bent Street. Delivery vehicles heading east on Farquhar Street will be directed through the site but will not be able to turn into Bent Street.

Council is working with residents and business owners situated near the intersection to discuss access needs.

CBD trees: Community members from Wingham have been working to grow Red Cedar and Black Booyong tree species for eventual planting in the CBD.

The group originally sourced the trees as high quality saplings from our Tuncurry and Taree nurseries. Their intention is to grow the trees locally in Wingham where they will become more acclimatised to the local conditions.

This month, Council’s operations team members helped the group pot up the saplings into 45L grow bags – the second repotting in the last three months!

What next?

We listened and considered your extensive feedback to resolve several elements of the draft streetscape concept plan for the Wingham CBD, with the project now to move to detailed design planning.

From here, detailed engineering design plans will be drawn up. Some elements of the masterplan are already funded, some works (like the McCullagh Street car park) are in progress now, and some will be undertaken once the design plans are complete.

Other elements of the Masterplan will be undertaken as funding becomes available.

Engagement Outcomes Report April-May 2021


This exhibition period was open until 4:30pm Thursday 27 May 2021.

At the 28 July 2021 Ordinary Meeting, Council resolved some key issues that concerned some residents. This positive outcome now means we’re able to develop detailed design plans for the CBD streetscaping, with the benefit of the feedback we’ve received on the draft plans. Check out the meeting minutes here.

Previous consultations

Feedback received during Council’s ‘Community Conversations’ included a strong call for beautification of Wingham’s CBD area and streets, and so a steering committee was established to develop a local community plan. We also held a workshop with local business representatives and it has helped us prioritise and establish the CBD beautification masterplan, among other Wingham projects and plans.

Between Monday 7 December 2020 and Friday 5 February 2021, an extensive community consultation was undertaken to guide development of Wingham’s CBD Masterplan. Almost 18,000 people were reached via social media, there were two stories covered by local media, and numerous flyers distributed to local businesses. Nine pop-ups were held with 140 people dropping in, and there were 212 responses to the online survey and two submissions.

The Engagement Outcomes Report February 2021 outlines the community’s preferences to set the tone for the beautification, and includes elements such as the Central park wall replacement, the treatment of the intersection of Farquhar and Bent Streets, street tree selections and footpath materials.

Check out the designs below

Before: Before image of Isabella Street Wingham After (Artist's impression): Artist impression of after image of Isabella Street Wingham

Outside McKeoughs Betta Electrical, Isabella Street

Before: After (Artist's impression):

Outside Bent on Food, Isabella Street

Before: After:

Isabella Street entrance

Check out some more images below

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Submissions closed at 4.30pm on Thursday 27 May 2021. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.