Thank you for your participation in drafting the MidCoast Aboriginal Action Plan.

We recently asked you for feedback on the key indicators for improving outcomes for Aboriginal people including Health and Wellbeing; Education Training and Employment; Housing, Safe Communities and Justice; Inclusion and Participation; and Family and Culture.

This snapshot gives an overview of the responses to the key topics and how people got involved.

For a more in depth report, please refer to our Engagement Outcomes Report.

Our community's top priorities

Overall, you indicated that there is more work to do to improve the outcomes for Aboriginal people on the MidCoast across all the key priority areas. The top priorities were:
  • Affordable housing

  • Mental health services

  • Safe, healthy and supportive family environments

  • Juvenile crime, prevention and justice

  • Constitutional recognition

  • Pathways and opportunities for students

Which outcomes would you like to see improved for Aboriginal people on the MidCoast?

3 May, 2022

Mickl says:

More cultural activities, not just during Aboriginal week. Provide incentives centred on traditional Aboriginal culture.

26 April, 2022

Alison says:

Establish at least one Cultural Centre in the MIdCoast LGA to enhance the wellbeing of Aboriginal people and to inform and educate.

30 March, 2022

Amber says:

More education and insight on the importance of cultural sites in the area - in schools and also for tourists that is easily accessible

30 March, 2022

Amber says:

Inclusion and recognition- aboriginal flag flown whereever there is an Australian flag flown

30 March, 2022

Johnny Nolen says:

Aboriginal history & cultural programs to provide awareness, education & community

30 March, 2022

Johnny Nolen says:

The Aboriginal flag to be flown at every place where there is an Australian flag shown

30 March, 2022

Johnny Nolen says:

- More culturally appropriate medical services (ESP. Mental health) - Info shown at culturally significant sites - A youth health hub

25 March, 2022

FLAC says:

Rights given to our environment when it comes to development. The environment for Aborigines is an important element for health and culture

5 March, 2022

Ray says:

Inclusion and recognition by establishing a flag pole at Blackhead pool to fly forest nation flag. This recognition encourages partnership

4 March, 2022

chloelayne says:

Youth Health Hub: safe place for kids to come and rest, talk to a caring person and be able to have a water and rest without judgement.

4 March, 2022

Chloe Layne says:

A safe place where the youth can come and sit and yarn without judgment, have a counselor available also beds for resting and bottled water.

3 March, 2022

Mat says:

Establishing Indigenous Protected Areas (IPA) may be valuable socially and culturally for Aboriginal people and help protect the environment

What's next?

After feedback from the community we have undertaken a second round of engagement to better understand the needs of the community and gain further input on the key indicators for improving outcomes for Aboriginal people in our region.

engagement outcomes 2023

See the outcomes from our second round of engagment